Unnatural Environment

Gowan stands between us and the final jewel we need to open the main chamber. At least, it kinda looks a bit like Gowan, but he seems more dragony this time, with black scales all over his body and pupil-less eyes. He sounds just as much of a dick as usual, though.

We have to fight our way to get the jewel, in a room hazy with a mildly corrosive mist and puddles of acid splashed around. Gowan seems quite at home in this environment, however, giving him an advantage. At least, it's supposed to.

Gowan attacks Brick, swinging his weapon mightily down, looking good to hit our warrior. But the mist obscures Gowan slightly, and his axe just misses Brick. Gowan swings again with a second attack, also looking to score a decent hit on our comrade, but again the concealment afforded Brick by the mist causes Gowan to miss. I'm not sure Gowan can consider this his natural environment if it's actively hindering him.

The advantage of the room's concealing properties are more evident when Gowan manages to distract Toogood and disappear in to the mist. That's the point where Toogood has had enough, and decides to just go to the dais at the end of the room and snag the gem when Gowan is fooling around.

Toogood gets to the dais, his idea that this room is laid-out like the others looking good, and although the receptacle for the gem is there, the gem is not. A voice comes from the mist. 'Ha ha! Are you looking for this?'

'At least I know where you are now.'

'Ah. Uh, no you don't.'

Toogood is convinced of Gowan's continued arrogance more than his ventriloquist skills, an arrogance that makes Gowan jump in to a puddle of acid in frustration, daring us to follow. Curiously, he is not affected by the effects of the acid. But it's only curious because he walked around the puddle when he last tried to evade us.

'I was lulling you in to a false sense of—nope, I did actually forget I could walk freely through the acid.'

Needless to say, we defeat Gowan, recover the final gem, and head in to the final room.

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