Tomb Raider

More by luck than judgment, we find the tomb of an almost-legendary pyromancer, thought to have been buried under the city but whose location has been long forgotten. Quite how we found it is more the mystery now.

The entrance to the tomb has runes marked on the wall, a warning of what will befall those who disturb the tomb. Thrak even somehow manages to find a magical trap on the door to the tomb. By searching for it, that is, not setting it off.

'Do we open the tomb? How do we open it?'

'Let's just open it, so that we can give the remains a decent burial', says Salvador.

'So we're breaking in to a tomb to give someone a burial. I suppose a tomb is a good place to do that', says Aggar, not having to strain too hard to uncover perhaps the flimsiest excuse for grave-robbing in history.

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