Charm GM

We turn up at a newly erected outpost in time to help defend it from frontier bandits. Oh joy. We fortify a few places and get armed and armoured for the assault, as we see forty or so bandits approach from the east.

The bandits' front line rushes towards us as we exchange volleys of arrows with them and their rear line of archers. We can't stop them all in time. The bandits reach the fort, slamming their ladders against the walls, readying to climb.

'Hey, that's not fair', says Pasha, 'having a ladder right in front of me'. Our wizard is feeling a bit squishy.

'Yeah, it probably is a bit unfair. Move it to be right in the middle of you lot.' And he does move it to be right in the middle of us. Right in front of me, in fact. Damn that wizard and his charm spells.

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