As Reward Tends to Zero, Goodness Tends to Zero

The soldiers have been prevented from slaughtering some travellers, with only one soldier being dropped in the brou-ha-ha. We may have to explain that to the authorities at some point, but, then, these soldiers are the authorities. We leave the implications of our situation to one side for the moment, as we need to decide whether to let the travellers and soldiers go their separate ways without supervision. We have our own mission to consider, but will the soldiers just follow the travellers and kill them when we're no longer looking?

'I'm not interested', says Salvador. 'We're working towards the greater good, and we have to get to Bresk.'

I tend to agree. 'Out of sight, out of mind. We should move on.'

Thrak, however, suddenly gains a conscience. 'What? Am I the only good person in the party?'

'What? You?! Good?!'

'No, you're not', says Aggar. 'I am.'

He has a point, particularly when I point out to Thrak that we won't get paid for escorting the travellers. 'Okay, let's move on. There are limits to my goodness.' Yes, limits that we seem to hit with stunning regularity.

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