Sometimes a Decision Makes Itself

We make it to Bresk, where our diplomat prepares for his audience with the king, hoping to change his mind about making a non-aggression pact with the enemy.

To help our diplomat, we go to court to speak with the proxies of the lords and ladies of the land, those who are in a position to influence the king's decision. There are quite a few of them, and we only have a day to see them all, so we split in to two pairs. Myself and Salvador see some of the proxies, Aggar and Thrak see the others.

By the end of the day there are two proxies left to see, and one timeslot to see them in. Who will see who? 'This is the last pair of meetings', says Salvador, who has been keeping notes for us. 'One of them is with a smart businesswoman...'

'Right, so we're not letting Thrak anywhere near her.'

'...and the other is sympathetic to the Shahalesti, those pointy-eared bastards.'

'And maybe you shouldn't go to that meeting. I think we've got our scheduled decided.'

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