6th Edition Concept

As often happens when an encounter is imminent, a map is drawn on our battlemat. As often happens when a map is drawn on our battlemat, the drawing skills of the GM are criticised. 'Why isn't the path straight?'

'Artistic licence.'

'Maybe we should adapt our plan. We could go up and say that we could design and build a better path for them.'

'I dunno, I quite like that it's not straight. I'd probably suggest more of a zig-zag, with levels and a water feature.'

'That sounds okay, though. There could be a nice fountain in the middle.'

'Actually, yeah, now you mention it. I can picture that.'

'This is sounding good. We could resign from adventuring and become landscape gardeners.'

'Landscapes & Gardens, coming next year from Wizards of the Coast.'

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