Evading our Pursuers

Our audience with the king didn't go quite according to plan. Our general lack of charisma, and the presence of Thrak, leads us to have a warrant issued for our arrest. That doesn't sound like a good situation, particularly as 'arrest' is something of a euphemism at this moment, so we flee the city.

Heading north, we find we don't get too far before we are trailed by soldiers and a flying beast. Not liking our chances at fighting outnumbered and out-beasted in open area, we look for options.

'We could go off-track, maybe try to set up an ambush', says Salvador. 'Perhaps we are far enough ahead to give us time to dig a big hole?'

'And find some slate, or other flat rock, in to which we can carve our names, years of birth, and the current year, to save our pursuers some time? That sounds like a plan that might not actually go wrong.'

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