Concentration Check

Fighting our way through the orc fortress leads us to the commander, Krag. Almost, anyway. A narrow corridor ends with a 10' wall leading up to ledge where the corridor continues. The wall would be easy to climb with the ladder in place, but only if the ladder stayed in place. One of Krag's lieutenants pulls it up as we approach.

Missing the ladder isn't too much of a problem, as it turns out. The dwarf we rescue from the fortress agrees to act as a dwarven springboard, letting Nerrick and myself climb up to the ledge, getting us in to combat with the lieutenant, Krag staying out of reach behind him.

Pasha doesn't want to get too close, and instead of clambering up with us casts Levitate to get a better view of proceedings. Seeing Krag not in direct combat gives Pasha an idea. 'Don't worry lads, I'll cast Suggestion and get Krag to drop his axe and retire to his throne room.'

Pasha starts to cast his next spell. 'Krag, I suggest you drop your aaaaaaahhhh!' Concentrating so hard on his suggestion causes Pasha to stop concentrating on his levitation, which is a shame because both spells require concentration to be active, causing our mage to fall to the ground and lose line-of-sight to Krag, another condition for suggestion. But it was a good plan in spirit.

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