Mistaken Identity

Needing to recover from several encounters forces our retreat from the orc fortress. We don't think they'd leave us to sleep peacefully only to get up and fight them refreshed.

We exit the fortress, head a bit further up the valley, and find somewhere safe to rest. Maybe this will confuse the orcs too, as we rush in, kill a couple of them, and run away again. Mind you, I don't suppose it takes much to confuse an orc.

After a night's rest, we head back to the fortress, and get inside in much the same way as before. We know what we're doing this time. Well, up to a point. At least the gelatinous cube is gone, although the hole to the oubliette is covered once again, and the initial barricade has been rebuilt too.

As before, Pasha throws a firebolt at the barricade to start it smouldering, hopefully making it easier to break down. Our mage also reaches in to his bag of tricks, hoping to get a creature out of it that can threaten the orcs whilst we get through the barricade.

Pasha grabs the small ball of fur, pulls it out of the bag, and tosses the ball over the barricade. Within seconds, a giant hyena has appeared on the orc side of the barricade! That's a pretty good result.

The GM gives the stats for the hyena to Pasha, 'and remember that the giant hyena doesn't like fire, so if that blaze gets any worse it may panic.'

'Hey, just because I rolled two 1s in a row there's no reason to start panicking!'

'Not you, Blaise.'

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