I'm Telling Y'all it's Sabotage

We're trying to work out how to sabotage some siege engines. Our best bet seems to be for Thrak and Salvador to sneak up on them, throw oil on the engines, and then for me to cast Wall of Fire to set them all alight.

It's not a bad plan, apart from needing to be stealthy, and that my Wall of Fire will only stretch across 4 of the 12 siege engines in the front of 2 rows. If only we had a way of reaching more of the engines.

'Isn't there still some trouble with teleporting, and that anyone who does ends up on fire?'

'Yep, why do you think I suggested Dimension Door as one of your new spells?'

'Then why don't we just douse your familiar with oil and get him to blink to each siege engine in turn? Because who needs a wall of fire when you have a flaming teleporting dog?'

'Let's call that plan B.'

Plan A goes ahead as better than nothing, and it seems to go quite well. Sappers dig us a trench to get close to the engines, and Thrak and Sal manage to sneak close enough to the first pair of siege engines without being noticed. 'Ready your throwing arm!'

'Oh, I've been secretly working on it for years.' The oil is thrown, some confused voices are heard, and Sal and Thrak move on. Four more siege engines are splashed with oil before the engineers and guards realise what's happening, at which point Sal casts a scorching ray to set one patch of oil alight.

That's my signal! I cast wall of fire, catching the oil on the other siege engines, and inflicting serious damage on them, as well as preventing more guards from coming to attack Thrak and Sal, now making their retreat. Maybe we don't disable all the siege engines, but we make a good dent in weapons we'll be facing tomorrow.

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