More Chrome Than Silver

We get in to the town before the monastery by walking through a Ragesian camp, with the enemy orcs barely paying attention to us. The attitude in the town is pretty relaxed too, rather more than seems warranted for a place supposedly under siege.

To try to make sense of the situation, we look for the town elder. Finding his address, we head to his home, but probably have to handle the situation with some delicacy. 'Who is skilled in diplomacy?' says Thrak.

'I have some training', says Salvador.

'Okay, good. Show him your silver tongue.'

Salvador pulls out a salve, smears his mouth with it, and shouts 'WITNESS ME!' as he knocks on the door.

One Response to “More Chrome Than Silver”

  1. Elf Says:

    He lives, he dies, he may not live again. Depends on the cleric, I suppose.