One step beyond

We find proof that the royal dinner has been poisoned, and present that proof to our lord. He interrupts the dinner and all hell breaks loose. An inter-planar being (probably) reveals itself, and it, the king, and his guards attempt to destroy the kingdom more directly now that the poison plot won't work.

The inter-planar being, named Madness, is a tricky beast to attack. Huge, multi-limbed, and not altogether there. Not from being mad, but something else. Salvador attacks Madness, 'hitting AC23'.

'Make a miss chance, 50/50.' Salvador hits, doing damage, but Thrak is concerned that despite the hittable armour class we could still miss.

'She's incorporeal.'

'Yeah, Sal's not a real corporal either.'


'Fake corporal, fake brigadier. It amounts to the same rank.'

Somehow, we defeat Madness and the king returns to a lucid state. That's a relief, and it's good we realised not to attack him—well, after the Lightning Bolt I threw his way. Half the nobles of the realm still live, and although the situation is poor it is not irredeemable.

Sadly, our cleric died during the battle, somewhat ironically cut down by attacks of opportunity when trying to move out of combat to heal himself. We ought to get another one, but it's a worry that being our cleric has lower life-expectancy than drumming for Spinal Tap.

For our efforts and assistance in revealing and defeating the plot against the king, our lord is extremely grateful. He offers us some land we can call our own, a very generous reward indeed. 'I shall call it Fenksland', says Salvador.

'Fenksland? Really?'

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