Buy One, Get Another For the Same Price

There is a shady character who we find was following the man who has since been recently killed in somewhat suspicious circumstances. We arrange to bump in to him, and imply that we have the same goals, so that maybe we can get some information from him.

The man suggests we meet later, after dark, which generally means we're going to get ambushed. Sure, maybe he will trust us and reveal his grand plan, but experience says otherwise.

Sure enough, we haven't made a new friend and instead some hired goons appear. Punches are exchanged, and after landing a couple of good ones from ourselves the goons retreat. 'Let us repair to the cafe for a strong drink', says Tobias. 'On the house, of course.'

'Which cafe are we going to?' says cafe-owner Maso. 'Do you know one that will give you a drink on the house?'

'I thought I did.'

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