I Couldn't See That I Was Blindfolded

Pasha, Nerrick and Herbivore have been captured. This aggression will not stand. Thankfully, a couple of ally scouts have been sent to find out what we're up to, and are willing to help rescue my colleagues.

An enemy scout, killed in the earlier melee, is dug out of the snow and his uniform taken, which, coupled with my skills in disguise, should let me get close to the camp. We go at night, and I head in to see the situation. Pasha and Nerrick are caged in the open, whilst Herbie is elsewhere, not having a good time, by the sounds of it.

I use a bit of magic to pick the lock of the cage from a distance, and deliver something sharp so that Nerrick and Pasha can cut through their ropes. The only problem is that Nerrick is barely conscious, leaving Pasha to be the one to get them both free. This really is a problem.

'What's the plan?', asks the GM.

'I'll get my arms free, then legs, remove my gag...'

'Maybe remove your blindfold first', I suggest, using my Message spell.

Pasha checks that he is indeed blindfolded, and amends his plan. 'Okay, blindfold, arms, legs... yes, that'll work.'

To be fair, I maybe didn't phrase my suggestion clearly enough.

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