Well, I Have Nothing to Say

Rescuing Nerrick and Pasha mostly worked, but they were inconveniently stripped off all their stuff whilst captured. The fiends! Gone are Nerrick's armour and magic weapons, gone is Pasha's spellbook. Do we need them? Well, maybe. We formulate a plan to go back and get them.

The plan is to run in to the encampment, find our stuff, grab it, and run out again. Hopefully they won't expect us to come back a third time. Naturally, they kinda are more prepared now for a night-time skirmish than before. Weird that.

A bit of fog on a snowy night gives us some decent cover to get close, which lets Pasha consider his utility spells. 'I was just thinking, if I deafen these two guards, they won't be able to raise the alarm.'

And so we came to fight the whole encampment.

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