Where We're Going, We Don't Need Runways

Having found the Nazis setting up some strange-looking equipment in the crater of a small island, and that there are several soldiers for each one of us, we come up with what may be a half-decent plan. Two of us go back to where we landed and return flying the seaplane over the island, strafing it and the Nazis with gunfire. It's the only way to be sure.

Of course, our action does not go entirely unreciprocated, and plenty of gunfire is aimed our way as we make repeated passes over the island. The toll is taken on our seaplane, and the pilot calls back that 'we may need to crash-land the plane in to the crater of the island'.

'Given that the crater is 100 m across, and that we are in a seaplane, I assume the landing part is euphemistic?'

'It may involve some personal sacrifice.' Thankfully, the reminder that we can land on the water is enough to get us down safely.

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