Where Will We Holiday?

The equipment that the Nazis set up created some weird distortion effect, that we somehow decided was a good idea to walk in to. That took us, somewhat implausibly, to the Lost City of Atlantis, but probably before it got its full title and was simply known as Atlantis.

The Nazis' plan is interesting. They have, by whatever means, managed to travel back in time so that they can recover the final artefacts that they need but we have, so that they can have them and prevent us from finding them. You'd think they'd be more imaginative with portal through time and space, but here we are.

What the Nazis haven't quite worked out, or perhaps don't really care about, is that by taking Atlantis's artefacts, they are opening the city up to attack from precisely what the artefacts are there to defend. In this case, it is a Great Old One, Shudde Mell, who rises as the artefacts are being stolen and looks to be destroying the city with the kind of efficiency that surely would be admired, were other plans not afoot.

We are there too, witnessing Atlantis as a living city, and Atlantis as a city being destroyed. 'Is this how time is meant to happen originally? Or are the Nazis changing history? Are we going to return to the present and find things radically different?'

'You mean, like, we'll learn that the mythical Lost City of Atlantis no longer exists? I don't know how we'll cope.'

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