Continued King of Some Strange Subsection of Gnomes

We have a small army of mushrooms moving to battle a threat to their giant mushroom overlord, or something like that. We're a bit fuzzy about the details, but that doesn't mean we can't spot an infiltrator in our ranks, particularly when they are startled by the excellent crown I am wearing. Sure, some say it is just flimsy cardboard, but I won it after defeating a gnome sort-of king-like character in combat.

It turns out this new gnome also has a crown, somewhat more metallic and shinier than my own, and give away their disguise when they call me the usurper to their rightful power. This all gets sorted out when I defeat them in combat too, giving me the nattier crown to wear to show my new status as definitely not a usurper. Still, we have to wonder what this gnome is doing amongst our ranks in the first place. Or maybe we don't have to wonder. 'Muffin, why don't you cast Speak With Dead so we can find out what he's doing here.'

'Not a problem, but bear in mind you can only as five questions, and they are free not to tell the truth.'

'Okay, gnome, what are you doing here?'

'I am here to serve the master!'

'Who is your master?'

'The Slime Lord, who will...' blah blah blah, he goes on a bit, it's not particularly interesting.

'So you're going to slaughter the demon lord, threatening the giant mushroom?'

'Yes! She will...' etc. He's pretty talkative for being dead.

'Do you realise you're dead, and that you won't achieve any of this?'

'Yes, but the Slime Lord will revive me and I will serve him again!'

Oh, well that's something. And we have one question left. We have to make it count, maybe give us an advantage in the upcoming encounter, either finding a weakness or... 'Do you like my new crown?'

'Argh! Why, you...!' And the gnome's head explodes again.

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