But Recovered Nonetheless

In our continued wanderings through the Underdark, Pigeonhole has been afflicted by spores. Those are never good. I have a plan, though, and it is amazing. I want to cast Blight and kill all plant life on Pigeonhole, with only a tiny bit of collateral damage to the host. Pigeonhole is not entirely convinced of this plan.

'I won't turn in to Freddie Mercury, will I?', he asks, confusing me for a second, but actually addressing the GM. 'You said these were queen spores. I'm just a poor boy/from a poor family/spare me this life/from this monstrositeeeeeeee!'

'Ah, the very words I needed to hear—Blight!' I start rolling my 8D8 damage.

'Don't roll dice unless you're actually casting Blight', warns the GM. I keep on rolling.

'You heard him, I'm sparing his life from this monstrosity. 33 points of damage to our Rogue, and maximum damage with no save for the spores.'

'Hmm, okay. The growths all dissipate.'

'As much as it pains me', says Krunch, 'that was actually a good plan'.

'As much as it pains you?', asks Pigeonhole, just about recovered from writhing on the floor.

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