I Rarely Think Ill of my Companions

27th May 2014

It seems that we need to visit The Hill, supposedly where a red dragon lives, in order to get the enchantment on Toogood and Farrel lifted. There's just the problem of gaining access, what with the path up the hill being fortified and protected by a hundred armed men.

'You learn from local enquiries that the gate is guarded by guards.'

I'm glad we asked about that.

'And that the door is rarely opened. It's only ever opened twice.'

Twice, blimey.

'A day. For changes in guards and to bring in supplies.'

That's slightly less impressive.

Sleeping in Soup

27th May 2014

Toogood and Farrel don't seem to be particularly injured, but being stabbed by a dagger whose blade dissolves can't be a good sign. Thankfully, we recovered an intact dagger from one of the slain attackers, which we take back to Marva, who is definitely not a dragon.

Consulting her tomes of wisdom, Marva finds some information. 'This is Blade of the Basking Wyrm. Each blade is enchanted, with many different types of enchantment possible, none of them good for the victim.' Well, no, I don't think any of us expected unicorns and rainbows to result from a stab wound.

As Marva finishes telling us of the blades, the last sliver of sunlight disappears over the horizon. And, with that, Toogood and Farrel fall asleep right there at the table, Toogood in to his pie, Farrell his soup.

I rescue Farrel from drowning, then eat Toogood's pie, which isn't a euphemism. I suppose we're not doing anything now until morning.

The A-Hard

15th May 2014

We need to hit the ork camp. Turning their fuel dump in to a fireball should work as a diversion, at which point we can drive our buggies through the camp towards the arena. But how to get in to the arena, which is deep in a canyon running through the middle of the camp?

Driving the buggies over the edge of the canyon seems like the best idea, which is unfortunate, as the landing will almost certainly hurt. 'How about we hit a ramp with two wheels and jump and roll the buggies over the edge, then repeatedly fire the weapons to retard our fall enough to land safely?

'Or we could jump the buggies directly in to the arena, jumping off at the last second as they fly towards the biggest orks and decapitate them.'

We're making some good film references here! That's film references that are good, by the way, not references to good films.

Arse-out Assault

15th May 2014

Ork buggies acquired, we park the Storm Raven and head towards the main ork camp, where the Dark Angel signal is being transmitted from. We reconnoitre the camp from afar, seeing it built on either side of a canyon, having a gladiatorial arena in the middle. The signal appears to be coming from near the arena.

We need a plan. 'Drive in, hit them hard, drive out again.'

'The mission briefing noted that a full-out assault probably wasn't the best option.'

'I don't think this could be called a 'full' anything. It sounds like a half-arsed assault at best.'

Shooting for the Demolition Skill

8th May 2014

We take the Storm Raven assault craft from the watch station down to the planet, reconnoitring the various objectives from high altitude. The primary objective is to disable an ongoing transmission that continues to bring orks to the region. Secondary objectives include destroying an ork Gargant, and killing the ork leader in the main camp.

The primary objective seems the most important, naturally, and also seems the most likely to succeed. The transmitter to be destroyed is housed in a spire built on a mountain. We start devising plans on how to access it.

Our favoured plan is cinematic. We pilot the Storm Raven up to the spire's control deck, blow the crap out of it, then hover the Raven as our demolitions expert jumps in to set charges. The main problem we have with this plan is that our demolitions expert and pilot are the same person.

There is also a secondary problem with this plan. 'We don't have enough XP for me to learn the demolitions skill at the moment.'

'Okay, so we'll land near a camp and shoot a few orks first.' Sorted.

Requisition a New Helmet

8th May 2014

The machine spirit grants us access to the armoury, where we can requisition some different equipment. Being updated by the machine spirit of the watch station also gives us new mission objectives, which gives us an opportunity to choose a new leader and retake our mission oath.

We decide the mission oath remains relevant and we keep it. As for our squad leader, the oath allows for either an assault marine or tactical marine to be in charge. 'Brother Gadriel', says Brother Lucian, our leader to this point, 'would you like to assume leadership of the squad for the next portion of our mission?'

'I think you may be better qualified, Brother Lucian.'

'Well, my Fellowship is...'

'Mine's 3.'

'Ah, right. The whole half-your-head-blown-off incident. Okay, I'll lead.'

Computers Rarely Shoot Back

24th April 2014

'As we recce the level, we should keep our eyes open for...'


'...computer terminals.'

'I prefer Democritus's plan.'

So It's Agreed

24th April 2014

'The consensus is that we're going to recce this level.'

'Yes. Because, so far, there is only this level.'


24th April 2014

'Okay, Brothers, which way do we go? And the first person to say "left is the righteous path" will be—Ow! What was that for?'

'You said it first.'

The Emperor Moves in Mysterious Ways

10th April 2014

Somehow, we don't manage to surprise the orks inside the main entrance to the watch station. Something to do with security cameras in the airlock. We have to fight our way in.

One ork has a fully automatic weapon, and he opens fire on our Brother Lucian. One bullet hits. It's a decent hit too, getting the maximum 10 damage from a D10 roll.

'Do the orks get the benefit of the extra damage roll on a 10?'

'I dunno. Isn't it something to do with the Emperor's favour?' A quick check of the rules confirms this. 'Yes, there is a "chance the Emperor's favour is with the attacker", but it's not restricted to Deathwatch marines.'

The ork confirms the attack and gets a second damage D10 added to the first, which means more damage inflicted to Brother Lucian.

'The Emperor has indeed smiled on the attacker. His wisdom is a shining beacon to us all.'