Perhaps it's Time to Multi-class

28th October 2014

'How did I just sort out my dice and end up with no D20s out?'

'It's okay, I don't think 3.5e D&D uses them much.'

Five minutes later, after a bit of rejigging. 'I've done it again. Two-dozen dice in front of me, and only one D20.'

'Yep, and two D12s, by the looks of it. And you're a cleric.'

Ignorance is Power

23rd October 2014

Walking through the fire forest has its hazards. Apart from the fire, there are also the occasional clouds of ash and cinders blown down from the tree tops. They aren't too difficult to spot, though, and as we are walking alongside a river, we simply duck in to the stream to avoid the trouble.

On one occasion, however, we fail to spot a beastie amongst the ash. Thrak finds out first, as the monster lands on his him as our barbarian is under water avoiding the cloud, biting in to his neck. Thrak thankfully shrugs off the monster's grab and stands up to beat it away.

Thrak not only shrugs off the grapple, but also the effects of seeing this monster, which is a hideous sight indeed. Thrak strikes a solid blow against the flying, multi-legged, sabre-toothed beast.

Aggar gets up and sees the same monster, fighting with Thrak. He too is unaffected by the sight of whatever-it-is, and moves forward to thump it. It's another solid blow, enough to knock the creature bleeding to the ground.

The rest of us get out of the water, the ash cloud having passed us by harmlessly, rather oblivious to the threat of the beast. 'What's that rast doing on the bank?', I say, having knowledge of the planar monster.

'A rast? They can paralyse with a glance' says Salvador, also knowledgable of the monster. 'It's a good thing it's dead, as I wouldn't like to have to deal with a living one. Shall we press on?'

Or We'd Have Seen Results

23rd October 2014

'I tried for diplomacy, and sucked balls.'

In case anyone's wondering, he's actually referring to the poor dice rolling that occurred in the previous session. I think.

How the Mighty Fall

18th October 2014

'I am the Bugbear Slayer!' says our wizard, with some measure of hubris.

Not that we entirely doubt this claim of a solo victory against the bugbear, particularly when we were all in the same combat, but the wizard's status of hero is a little shaken when, in the same round, two goblins stabbing at his calves cause the great slayer to drop to the ground unconscious.

Details, Details

18th October 2014

'What happened?', asks the son.

'Well', says his dad, 'a huge bugbear' (it's medium, not huge) 'charged me' (there's no charging in fifth edition) 'and killed me with a critical hit' (okay, that bit happened).

Operation: Ostrich

18th October 2014

Looking in to a cave, we see little but darkness. That's okay, as we have a wizard who can cast light as a cantrip. 'Cast it on a pebble, so that we can cover it and snuff the light if we need to.'

'What, so when we round a corner to see 50 goblins and kill the light, they can see us and we can't see them? That sounds like a reasonable plan.'

Fifth Edition Changes to Alignment

18th October 2014

We've captured a goblin that ambushed us, and question him about his camp's defences. 'Are there any guards on the way to the camp?'


'Break his fingers and ask again', says the paladin.

Broken After One Session

16th October 2014

A bit of damage, a bit of scorching. I need some healing. Aggar taps me with his wand, healing 2 points of damage. He taps me again, healing another 2 points of damage. This is a slow process. A third tap, 7 points of healing.

'What a waste', says Thrak.

'Not really, I was still 5 points down at that point.'

'No, I meant it was a waste to heal a gnome.'

How soon we forget our promises.

Thrak the Wizard

16th October 2014

Continuing deeper in to the fire forest brings us to another stone bridge. Well, nearly. As we approach, a couple of trees at the edge of the bridge have their trunks explode, collapsing to block our path with a barrier of flames.

At the same time, Aggar notices that Crysten is acting curiously. She appears to be having a vision. She sees a giant flaming stag bounding out of the trees, goring... and she points at our barbarian, Thrak.

'Oh, ok then.'

'Yes, shall we move on?' If only it were that simple. The flaming trees still block our path, and now a wall of fire has appeared behind us. The situation looks a bit grim, made a little worse by some flaming creatures bounding towards us through the barrier. Perhaps it's time to see if the rest of the vision holds.

I cast an illusion, having 'Thrak' dodge out of the way of an object that obscures the real Thrak, moving the illusion towards the position where Crysten's vision saw our barbarian gored. As the illusion moves in to position, a fiery spear falls from the sky, straight through where Thrak would be standing.

'So as soon as my illusion got there', says Thrak, 'the spear landed?'

'Whose illusion?' Once again, our barbarian wants to take credit for a useful spell.

Saved Him From Further Encounters With Us

16th October 2014

'So far, we've saved a man, killed a bat, fought a bearded devil...'

'We didn't 'save' a man. We cut his head off.'

'Yes, saving him.' In the same way that his black bear 'disarmed' a trap for us, I suppose.