Where We're Going, We Don't Need Runways

18th January 2018

Having found the Nazis setting up some strange-looking equipment in the crater of a small island, and that there are several soldiers for each one of us, we come up with what may be a half-decent plan. Two of us go back to where we landed and return flying the seaplane over the island, strafing it and the Nazis with gunfire. It's the only way to be sure.

Of course, our action does not go entirely unreciprocated, and plenty of gunfire is aimed our way as we make repeated passes over the island. The toll is taken on our seaplane, and the pilot calls back that 'we may need to crash-land the plane in to the crater of the island'.

'Given that the crater is 100 m across, and that we are in a seaplane, I assume the landing part is euphemistic?'

'It may involve some personal sacrifice.' Thankfully, the reminder that we can land on the water is enough to get us down safely.

Plans Aren't Our Strength

18th January 2018

We've caught up with the Germans in Greenland, found upstream the island where they appear to have landed. Now what do we do? 'Let's get to the island, scuttle the Nazi's boats, and leave them to starve for a few days.'

'Shouldn't we capture one to interrogate, find out what they are actually doing here?'

'They don't look like the kind of boats that would give much away.'

It's Like You Weren't Listening

11th January 2018

The Nazis interested in Atlantian artefacts have been tracked heading to Greenland, and we are to follow and, hopefully, intercept them before they achieve their goals. As we prepare for our journey, the question arises as to whether we take any of our recovered artefacts with us.

It's not an obvious question. Leaving them behind is surely the safest option. But if we took them, their mystical powers could prove useful, especially if the Nazis have their own artefacts with them that they may use against us.

'Maybe we can take one or two of the three, but probably shouldn't take all the artefacts, in case of mission failure letting them fall in to enemy hands, potentially allowing the Nazis to take over the world.'

'Ah, let's just do it', says Tobias, voice of reason, 'what's the worst that can happen?'

'I... think I just said what.'

I am a God

13th December 2017

'We suspect that the Nazis are currently looking for the Bifrost, which is supposed to be able to open a portal between two points in space.'

'Is that all? I can do that. Isn't a door just a portal between two points in space? I can open them, no problem.'

Atlantis Belongs in a Museum

13th December 2017

Back in Blighty, we are invited to join Section M, who have been tracking the mysterious artefacts that have been cropping up. It seems they are connected to a certain lost country, one that it seems that the Nazis are keen to find. We have to catch up with their expeditionary party, find out what they know, and stop them.

'So we have to find Atlantis?', says Tobias excitedly. 'That's great! As an archaeologist, Atlantis is like the Holy Grail!'

'Isn't the Holy Grail the Holy Grail of archaeology?'

He's Probably Had Worse

6th December 2017

We find one of the expedition members, missing for months, and it appears he is by himself, mostly because it looks like he's slaughtered the rest of the expedition. Unsurprisingly, he wants to continue spilling blood, and brandishes a large, ceremonial dagger.

'I pull out my revolver, and aim to wound him.'

'He's lunging at you!'

'Okay, I'll shoot him in the head.'

'But, sir, you said you'd shoot to wound.'

'...it's a wound.'

But I Could Get Used to It

30th November 2017

'Don't forget to tick your skill for a successful check, sir.'

'You don't need to call me 'sir' all the time. That's a bit weird.'

'I'm just trying to stay in character, sir.'

'...whilst talking about my character sheet? It's an interesting choice.'

I Don't Remember That Being on the Dial

16th November 2017

'As you continue through the forest, looking for a suitable place to camp for the night, you begin to realise that the sun has been almost setting for the past hour.'

'That is rum. I check my watch.'

'It says its about sunset-time.'

'That's even more messed up.'

The Amount of Normal is Freaking Me Out

9th November 2017

'You go to sleep normally, you wake up normally, and you have breakfast normally. In fact, everything seems particularly normal, except—'

'Particularly normal? What's peculiar is just how damned normal everything is!'

It's a Colourful Language Out of Space

1st November 2017

Whilst exploring some ruins, looking for traces of an expedition that went missing some months ago, we encounter an ageing witch doctor tailing us. We confront him, and he turns out to be mostly friendly. He tells us that the expedition had indeed come this way, and left. That's a starting point.

After buying a charm from him, the witch doctor leans in to me and whispers something in my ear. The language sounds almost but not quite like Spanish, and having said it, the witch doctor runs off in to the forest.

'How peculiar. Professor, you're knowledgable of the local dialects, I think he said something like, "Iä, Iä, Cthulhu Fthagn". Whatever could it mean?