Unnatural Environment

28th May 2015

Gowan stands between us and the final jewel we need to open the main chamber. At least, it kinda looks a bit like Gowan, but he seems more dragony this time, with black scales all over his body and pupil-less eyes. He sounds just as much of a dick as usual, though.

We have to fight our way to get the jewel, in a room hazy with a mildly corrosive mist and puddles of acid splashed around. Gowan seems quite at home in this environment, however, giving him an advantage. At least, it's supposed to.

Gowan attacks Brick, swinging his weapon mightily down, looking good to hit our warrior. But the mist obscures Gowan slightly, and his axe just misses Brick. Gowan swings again with a second attack, also looking to score a decent hit on our comrade, but again the concealment afforded Brick by the mist causes Gowan to miss. I'm not sure Gowan can consider this his natural environment if it's actively hindering him.

The advantage of the room's concealing properties are more evident when Gowan manages to distract Toogood and disappear in to the mist. That's the point where Toogood has had enough, and decides to just go to the dais at the end of the room and snag the gem when Gowan is fooling around.

Toogood gets to the dais, his idea that this room is laid-out like the others looking good, and although the receptacle for the gem is there, the gem is not. A voice comes from the mist. 'Ha ha! Are you looking for this?'

'At least I know where you are now.'

'Ah. Uh, no you don't.'

Toogood is convinced of Gowan's continued arrogance more than his ventriloquist skills, an arrogance that makes Gowan jump in to a puddle of acid in frustration, daring us to follow. Curiously, he is not affected by the effects of the acid. But it's only curious because he walked around the puddle when he last tried to evade us.

'I was lulling you in to a false sense of—nope, I did actually forget I could walk freely through the acid.'

Needless to say, we defeat Gowan, recover the final gem, and head in to the final room.

Skeletons and Blinking

19th May 2015

Skeletons! Thousands of them! Wait till you see the whites of their eye sockets, lads. Moving through the flooded building where we were guided to find the centre of the storm ravaging the city, we find a room of cells that makes us realise the building used to be a gaol. But what we thought were rotting bodies of long-forgotten prisoners are actually animated skeletons, part of someone's cunning defences. I suppose the dead adventurer in the previous room should have tipped us off.

What can we remember about skeletons? I believe they're mindless, and so unaffected by mind-affecting spells. That's pretty logical. I flip through my spell book looking for something that would be effective, and remember that I'm an illusionist. I primarily cast illusions. Illusions are mind-affecting spells. That's neat.

Luckily we have a cleric in the party, one who specialises in turning undead. Another characteristic of skeletons is that they are undead. This is neater. Aggar calls forth his holy power and, with a word, disintegrates over half the skeletons in the flooded cells. He smugly waits another round, watching Thrak and Salvador try too hard to fight the undead whilst underwater that have advanced towards us, and calls upon his power again. The rest of the skeletons turn to dust in the water.

Now we can proceed. We head deeper in to the building, which looks like it means heading deeper in to the water. We have water-breathing potions, which we take, but Salvador's blink dog familiar forgot to bring one. Silly doggy. Salvador considers his options and decides that it's probably best to let his dog blink to the other plane for now, and recall him when it is safe to breathe again.

Sending his blink dog across planes opens a discussion as to what happens to the water around the creature when it blinks. Does it take any water with it to the other plane? If it blinks back to water in this plane does it displace the water, or does that water get sympathetically transferred to the plane the dog came from? And if the water does get transferred, would we be able to eventually reduce the water level by continually having the dog blink back-and-forth?

'I love this adventuring party. There's a major storm threatening to ravage the entire city, time is of the essence in dispersing it, and one plan is to wait for the blink dog to deplete the ocean.'


14th May 2015

'From the other end of the room you see Gowan for the first time after he evaded you through the portal to this swamp, and he's changed since the last time you saw him.'

'Has he grown a moustache?'

'No, he's changed. He's out of his bone armour and in a smoking jacket and slippers.'

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

14th May 2015

'Your lack of knowledge in arcana tells you that this rotting head of a black dragon has been lying here for a few weeks.'

'Our lack of knowledge tells us this? I should be ignorant in more subjects.'

Finally Seeing it From Our Perspective

14th May 2015

'I was looking at my character sheet after levelling-up and thinking 'what have I done now?!''

We Have the Time

21st April 2015

A storm is blowing, gradually increasing in intensity, almost unnaturally so. The wind is blasting us, and we have a short bridge to cross where waves are intermittently crashing over it.

'One effect of Indominatability's Bane means we are not affected by the strong winds, but I'm not sure about waves.'

'Waves aren't wind, Thrak.'

'No no, let him work it out on his own.'

Percussive Sting

21st April 2015

'I fear I have some grave news.'

<drum roll>

'Sal, you don't give a drum roll for grave news.'

'I know, but I didn't have a way to make a dun-dun-DUNNNN sound.'

Someone Has To

2nd April 2015

We encounter some hags in a swamp. This can't go well for us, but let's see how much we can make it worse.

Duncan the harrier faces up to the large hag, and starts to use his increased movement to build up some defensive manoeuvres. But he pauses.

'I have all of these cool harrier abilities, letting me move freely around the battlefield and making me harder to hit when doing so, but I haven't done a full-round attack yet. Let's do that.'

Duncan stands toe-to-toe with the hag, swinging his scythe viciously backwards and forwards with impressive intent!


'Great. Now I'm standing next to a large, uninjured hag without my boosted armour class. Why do I listen to myself?'

Rolling Intensifies

2nd April 2015

'This is the part of the adventure where you guys really need to focus on making some saving throws.'

'And by 'focus on', you mean 'roll a D20 as usual'?'

'Yes. But really focus on it.'

He Really Doesn't Like His Animal Companions

19th March 2015

'I was thinking about taking the 'cremate familiar' feat.'