Mini Adventure, Week II

Our Rogue was having a tough time in combat. No, he wasn't being beaten up a lot, more the opposite. We were in a fight with some Mephits whilst crossing a 5-ft wide ice bridge, and the Mephits landed on either side of the bridge to each of us, making things difficult. Our Rogue tried to shoot them, and then stab them with his Rapier, and between shoddy dice rolling and the miss chance for concealment he managed to miss, miss, miss. The Mephits weren't hitting him back either. After a little while of this foppish dancing around, the Rogue decided to get his act together and actually do some damage to one of the critters, at which point he failed his balance check and slipped off the ice bridge in to the water. Duh.

I didn't have much luck in that fight either, as they shrugged off my fire attack (oops) and then I rolled a natural 1 on a concentration check to cast on the defensive, wasting the spell Shout that would have destroyed three of the wee monsters. Ah well. I had my fun later on, when we were in the final room and had an idea that the boss-man was following us on the way in. While the Barbarian was busy hacking away at an ice coffin and the Rogue was looting a long-dead body, I, with the worst Spot and Listen checks in the party, decided somebody should look back up the corridor to see if big bad guy was coming after us. After making a lucky high Listen check and thinking that whatever it was was just around the corner of the winding passageway, I cast a speculative Empowered Fireball down there. Hey, I had three Fireballs learnt, so I may as well use them when I can. One wail of intense pain later, and the Barbarian and Rogue hustled down the passageway to find a scorched boss-man to finish off in a couple of rounds. Huzzah for me!

5 Responses to “Mini Adventure, Week II”

  1. marka Says:

    [DM raises an eyebrow] An interesting slant on events: You entirely omitted to mention the bit where Melvin was caught by a cone of cold, dived under the water to try and escape, only for the boss-man (Immoth) to cast Otiluke's Freezing Sphere thus entobming Melvin under the ice. Fortunately, the Barbarian was on hand to drive away the Immoth and shatter the ice before you suffocated. Nevertheless it was a fun adventure, and nice to see you playing a sensible character rather than:
    a) A psychotic gnome cleric with an aversion to casting heal spells
    b) A pixie rogue with an aversion to scouting (despite being flying and invisible with ~ +30 on move silent)
    c) Any kind of monk with the uncanny ability to drain the party's healing at a vastly accellerated rate

  2. Elf Says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot about being trapped under the ice. That was kind of funny. Still, I think it was the best choice seeing as how the Cone of Cold dropped me to 8 hit points, so that if the boss man even looked at me harshly I would have gone unconscious.

    As for my characters, at least they have character! I shall try to remember some of the Pixie's escapades and include them here at some point.

  3. marka Says:

    >I shall try to remember some of the Pixie?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s escapades and include them here at some point.

    PLEASE GOD, NO! I have spent the last 12 months trying to forget them

  4. barry Says:

    [Barbarian looks confused] Interesting take on 'finishing him off', I would hardly call 65 damage in 2 rounds just finishing him off. Still I agree with everything you have to say of the general failure of the rogue to do anything useful. Also it's a good job the steam mephits were almost as bad as the party or we might never even have made it across the bridge.

  5. barry Says:

    I must say the new monk doesn't seem to have been as much of a drain, on the poor overworked clerics heal spells, as the last one.