We headed down in to the basement and started checking things out. Our Rogue went close to a pile of debris and was asked to make and failed a Spot check, in typical Rogue fashion. He called over to me, on the other side of the room doing my own investigating, and got me to come over to look for myself, as I have a better Spot check than he. 'Can you see anything?', asks the Rogue.

I make the roll and reply, 'Nope. Looks clear.' It's then that a Mummy jumps out of the debris, catching me by Surprise, as it hits and damages me. THANKS, BUDDY. Anything else you want me to look at? Does that ornate coffin in the corner look suspicious to you but you need a second opinion?

With being hit, I also got to make two saving throws, one to avoid being a-feared and the other to avoid the inevitable Mummy Rot it's carrying. Well, I write that I got to 'make' the saving rolls, what I mean is I got to roll them, as I end up paralysed with fear, and who knows about the disease? So there I am, paralysed in front of a Mummy. Probably feeling a bit guilty, the Rogue decides to pull me out the way of danger, but this let the Mummy get an Attack of Opportunity against me, as well as giving me the chance to fail another saving throw. Oh boy! Luckily, our Mage was on hand with a Scorching Ray or two to take quick care of the Mummy, so no one else need worry about becoming diseased.

Later on, a Wraith popped its head out of a wall to have an attack at us. He spotted five of us right next to him, which was odd as there were only three of the party there, the others being quite separate from us in another part of the room. Upon seeing this apparent cofusion in the monster, someone quipped that the Wraith must have been drinking to be seeing almost double. 'Yes', said the Cleric, 'spirits'. Ha bloody ha.

5 Responses to “Mummy!”

  1. barry Says:

    Lets face it my spirits joke was at least the second funniest thing that happened last night.

  2. Elf Says:

    Well, I liked how our Mage pointed out that line-of-effect meant that, because he could draw a line from a corner of his square to a corner of the Mummy's square, he could fire his Scorching Rays easily enough, and later complained bitterly that just because a line could be drawn from ONE CORNER of another Mummy's square to ONE CORNER of his own square he had to make a Will save against being a-feared, exclaiming that it was 'Well harsh!'. He spent the next ten minutes looking up the rules for line-of-effects in the PHB. Mind you, I guess he had time to do so, what with being paralysed with fear for several rounds.

    He used the same ruling to his favour again later on when he fired the Magic Missiles at the Wraith. He he! It was funny to watch.

  3. Rob G-W Says:

    No mention here of the noble fighter, who took out/caused major damage to 3 mummies, the wraith, the freaky magic broom and evil mage? I'm just not appreciated. If I'd have rolled a 1 on all my Fortitude saves like last time I would have got a mention. Bah humbug.

  4. barry Says:

    I forgot all about that broom.
    Also I think it should also be stated that finding the last mage was made much easier by my use of invisibility purge. So who can't wait for bits to start dropping off the monk?

  5. Reggie Krayfish Says:

    Well the Rogue would just like to express his thanks to the monk for selflessly putting himself in front of the mummy and taking the hits and also in his frozen with fear state, throwing himelf in front of the mummy's fist to prevent the rogue taking any damage from an attack of opportunity. Thank you monk for your brave selfless actions...*giggles the Rogue walking off laughing*