Night of the Natural 20

My Monk was on form last night, able to do anything he wanted! Unfortunately, it didn't include any fighting. Instead, I rolled a natural 20 on a Spot check to see something that was probably DC 15 (and I have a +19 Spot Check), and then another natural 20 on a Gather Information check to find out that the Bard who gave us some useful information probably doesn't exist. Just when I thought my Monk was trying his hardest for too menial tasks, I rolled another natural 20 when trying to get some vital plot information from a main character, which has helped us out. I guess my Monk was psyched up from reaching 9th level after getting Mummy Rot last week. However, I won't be the least bit surprised when we next go in to battle and I roll a 1 on Initiative. And all my attack rolls.

One Response to “Night of the Natural 20”

  1. barry Says:

    And you even managed to roll high enough so that the mummy rot hasn't made any of your bits drop off yet. If only the fighter could say the same. Oh well, I'm sure when we get to the next town we can find some who can inform me (the cleric who doesn't even know what a mummy is when one's eating his friends face off) how to cure mummy rot.