From the Archives: Wearing a Cloaker

(This one goes back several years, when we were still playing AD&D. My character was an Elf Fighter.)

Our party was infiltrating an underground lair and was trying to get through without being killed too much. One of the rooms we blundered in to was a cloakroom of sorts, although it did actually have quite a few cloaks hanging up. As the bad guys obviously wore these cloaks, my character had the clever idea of plucking some of the cloaks off the rack and wearing them, so that we could sneak around without being spotted as intruders so easily. Well, even if it didn't happen to be an idea worthy of genius, at least it wouldn't do any harm to wear some black cloaks, right? Right?

My Elf went over to the rack to get herself a cloak to wear. Unfortunately, she didn't so much wear a cloak as get one forcibly worn on her, as a Cloaker was hiding in the rack. My Elf was enveloped and incapacitated, and the only thing the others in the party could do was try to kill the Cloaker, but this just had half the damage being done bleed through to to my Elf. Yeah, she died just before the cloaker did. I'm not sure, but just as my spirit was rising above my body I think I saw the others in the party take a nervous look at the cloak rack before deciding that my idea wasn't clever enough to warrant another try.

2 Responses to “From the Archives: Wearing a Cloaker”

  1. Jacob Haller Says:

    Keeping critters in your cloakroom is pretty hard core. I usually just stick with the explosive charges. My houseguests never know what hit 'em!

  2. barry Says:

    Getting to beat another party member to death with no repercussions. Man I live for days like that.