From the Archives: Gnome to Stone

Writing of high Wisdom characters inevitably reminds me my Gnome Cleric, Greebo (character sheet), as a Cleric's main ability score is Wisdom, for spellcasting, and so are normally the wisest members of a party. In particular, I am reminded of the time when Greebo the Wise happened upon a block of stones set in to a wall.

Most of the party didn't want to mess around with them, as the stones were about ten-feet off the ground, albeit with some scaffolding around them for access, and had indecipherable markings on them. 'Fie on you', said I as Greebo, or something like that, and climbed up to take a closer look, with another member of the party as chaperone. On inspection, it appeared that the stones could be pushed in to the wall, where they would then slide back out to the normal position. I found this to be interesting, so tried pushing various stones to see what would happen. In pushing one of the stones, I found myself having to dodge some darts that shot out of holes from the each side of the set of stones. Being incredibly wise, I decided that if bad things could happen when stones were pushed then they must be protecting something good from happening if the right stones were pushed. Genius.

I pushed another stone, and the water of the small stream running out from a hole beneath the stones, which I haven't mentioned yet because it was inconsequential up to that point, began gushing out and the water level in the cave system rose quickly. Being ever so wise I realised the threat this caused to the party (but not, for example, the threat that I caused to the party), so I tried to stop the water from drowning everyone by pushing more stones. This had me dodging fire that shot out from the sides and hanging on as a strong wind tried to blow myself and my companion off the scaffolding. Not panicking at all, I thought that maybe it needed two stones to be pushed at once to get a good effect, so I did that.

I turned to stone.

Oh well. Did I mention how wise Greebo was? Luckily, my party killed a monster sporting a stone-to-flesh wand not too far from where what was now a commemorative statue to Greebo could be found. Even more luckily, they decided to come back and use it on me.

6 Responses to “From the Archives: Gnome to Stone”

  1. Reggie Krayfish Says:

    Oh great Greebo..please tell us more of your great adventures...especially the ones about running around forests with no armour....please please oh great Greebo..more

  2. barry Says:

    Or maybe you could tell us all about how much Greebo loved to cast healing spells. No wait he hated it so much we had to hire another cleric so we could get healed.

  3. marka Says:

    Or how about the one where (much against our better judgement) we let Greebo make first contact with some Red Troglodytes? We ended up slaughtering the entire tribe - only a few females and children escaped the holocaust, and that was only because Greebo's god (Garl Glittergold) intervened, staying Greebo's axe at the last minute.

  4. barry Says:

    There's also the time he healed a captive just so the rogue could torture him some more

  5. Elf Says:

    Yes! See? And you said I never healed anyone. Fie on you, young Master Jowett.

  6. barry Says:

    Sorry what I should have said was never healed one of the party members, without us having to listen to you moan for ten minutes about how all you get to cast are cure spells.