Temporal Anomaly

The party woke up in the morning with the Fighter gaining one point back to his Con from the mysterious disease (as we know nothing in-game about Mummies and Mummy Rot), only to fail his Saving Throw, rolling a natural 1, to lose 3 Con and 3 Cha. Oops. As such, we decide to hurry to the big town we are due to visit, so that we can find a temple that can cure him before he risks any abilities dropping any further, particularly as he was then on 3 Cha total. Gah! We rush past some deserted farms, not having time to investigate, knowing that the journey itself will take all day, and get to within an hour of the town.

It's then that our Cleric asks whether he would have cast Cure Disease and Restoration on the Fighter in the morning, as it would be in-character, not knowing about Mummy Rot, &c. Hmm, good point. We head back in time briefly to the morning, cast the spells, and the Fighter perks up back to normal. Huzzah! Right, time jumps back to being an hour away from the big town and we start to head on. 'Uh, hang on', says I, 'if the Fighter is okay now, we wouldn't have hurried to the town, as we think he is cured, right?' Right. Okay, so now we skip from early evening again back to mid-morning, and we investigate the farms. It could only have been more like an episode of Star Trek if we had met Joan Collins.

One Response to “Temporal Anomaly”

  1. barry Says:

    Or if someone had ripped off their shirt or no obvious reason, and then kissed a green alien woman, or goblin as they are known locally