D20 vs. D4

Our Fighter failed his crucial saving throw against Mummy Rot again, rolling a natural 1. Meeting a Harpy later on, on our travels, gave him another chance to fail some saving throws, as he rolled below 4 for both his own saving throw and that for his mount against the Harpy's Charming singing. We went in to Initiative at that point, and the Fighter stared Fate right in the eye by rolling a D4 alongside his D20 roll for Initiative. The D4 came up with a 4, the D20 a 3.

Yeah, you really shouldn't challenge Fate like that.

4 Responses to “D20 vs. D4”

  1. barry Says:

    As I recall the only time the fighter rolled above a 6 all night was when he was trying to aid other on the monk's gather information, where he rolled a natural 20 followed by 19 or something of the like.

  2. Elf Says:

    Yeah, that sounds about right. The Fighter's natural 20 had the wonderful effect of giving my Monk a +2 on the Gather Information skill check. Of course, I then rolled a 4 and failed to find out anything useful. Aiding-other didn't really work for us that time.

  3. barry Says:

    That's the trouble when no one has ranks in gather information or much Charisma. If only the Paladin was still with us.

  4. Reggie Krayfish Says:

    if only........