From the Archives: Hiding Behind a... Gnome?

The party, which included Greebo the Cleric, were hot on the trail of our quest item, and we thought we were getting close to it. At this stage we had to explore a tower in a desert region, and had descended to the lower realms to search for the next bit of the puzzle. We found ourselves in one of the inner rooms and were a bit surprised and slightly a-feared when it turned out that we faced a young Blue Dragon in the same room as us. And it wasn't friendly.

Our Rogue won the Initiative and got the jump on everyone, shooting the dragon and trying to stay out of its reach. He had the clever idea of hiding behind me 'for cover'. Well, I call it 'clever' but I'm clearly being sarcastic, as a Gnome is not the best thing to hide behind for cover, even at the best of times. It is made worse when faced by a Blue Dragon; you know, the ones that can breathe Lightning Bolts. 'Hiding' behind me just put the two of us in a neat line that made it very easy for the Dragon to hit the both of us with one breath, which is exactly what it did. Had we both not then been unconscious on the ground, I'm sure I would have found a way to thank the Rogue for his cunning strategy.

With two members of the party down for the count and the Dragon not even scratched, the Barbarian saw her duty and came to our rescue. Such bravery, such derring-do! She rushed in to save us, muscles rippling, sword at the ready, in typical Barbarian fashion: she dropped to her knees and begged for mercy. Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Robin!

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