Mini Adventure, Week I

We were a couple of players down this week, so we played another small adventure outside of the normal campaign. This time, we played an Arcana Unearthed adventure, and I was the DM instead of a player. The adventure is straightforward enough and was written to be used for conventions, so it was easy to get in to and play using the pre-generated characters. We ended up with a Loresong Faen Magister, a Mojh Mage Blade, and a Giant Champion of Life. A motley crew, if ever I saw one.

The first encounter, with an impromptu ambush, went well enough. Well, it did for me, at least. But the Faen was unfortunate to be in the thick of things when having the worst armour and fewest hit points, as he found himself to be closest to two of the monsters who too-quickly managed to knock him unconscious. The Mage Blade, whilst defending himself, was able to revive the Faen Magister quickly enough, but the Magister had to be reminded that perhaps it would be best to live up to his race and feign (haw haw! 'Faen'!) dying still so that he didn't look like a threat, otherwise his handful of Hit Points would probably be replaced by a far larger negative number, as the monsters loomed over him, and he'd have to pick a new character.

Nevertheless, everyone managed to survive the encounter and make it in to the adventure proper. From there we were able to get some role playing done and the party was able to work out what had gone on in the village and what they had to do to save everyone. Next week: the conclusion.

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