Mini Adventure, Week II

It was the concluding week of the Arcana Unearthed mini-adventure, with the three characters striking out to retrieve a vital object that held the fates of a whole village and its people. Maybe it was because we were playing with pre-generated characters that came with the adventure, or maybe because no one wanted to play the Akashic character with its skill-based class, but it seemed to be a case of the blind leading the blind. Not only did the party fail to see three dead monsters 'hidden' in a clump of grass next to the road they were walking on, but the first they knew of a pit, which was in a doorway, 10-feet wide and uncovered, was when the Mage Blade scampered forwards and fell headlong in to it. This wasn't so much failing a Spot check as perhaps thinking that relying on touch would be a better way to perceive the environment. It worked, but it turned out to be a bit more painful than using one's sight.

After clambering out the pit to join his comrades, now embroiled in a fight with the enemy, the Mojh Mage Blade started attacking. He pulled out his sword and smote a nearby foe, hitting for a good amount of damage for a short sword: 5 points of damage from a D6. He then remembered that he wasn't using a short sword but a long sword, but didn't want to reroll the damage inflicted, fearing that he wouldn't get anywhere near as much damage when rolling a D8. I guess he tapped in to some collective unconscious, letting him recall a time when a Fighter rolled more on a D4 than a simultaneously-rolled D20.

It all worked out in the end, with our heroes managing to retrieve the stolen artefact and return it to the village whence it came.

3 Responses to “Mini Adventure, Week II”

  1. Elf Says:

    I guess the writer of the adventure didn't realise just how difficult DC10 Spot Checks can be.

  2. marka Says:

    A 'normal' party has 3 PCs with no modifiers to spot: Odds of nobody spotting anything: 1 in 8
    Our party has 3 PCs with no modifiers to spot: Chance of nobody spotting anything: Approx. 100%

  3. marka Says:

    Re. the D6 damage roll for the longsword: Up to that point, I had yet to roll "above average" damage during the entire session. In fact, neither had anyone else (apart from the monsters of course, who apparently got a critical threat on their first attack roll and never looked back). By that yardstick, 5 out of a possible 8 seemed like a good bet to stick on.