Helpful Advice

During the battle with the monster, after the Fireball was only a Fireball (to the chagrin of the Mage), our boatman and guide through the swamp was hit by a Magic Missile spell. We all watch the points of light come from the monster and hit the boatman solidly in the chest, sending him slumping to the ground from his injuries.

Our Rogue checks to see if the boatman is still breathing and tells our Cleric that he needs healing. The Cleric, clearly happy to have such subtle injuries pointed out to him, replies, 'Yeah, thanks for letting me know'.

Next week, our Rogue tells the Fighter that the Orcs charging towards us need to be hit with a greatsword.

4 Responses to “Helpful Advice”

  1. Reggie Krayfish Says:

    Well if he had been dead I wouldn't have bothered to say he needed next time dont expect me to check on any of you guys as if this is how you react to some help...bah!!....stuff the lot of you...*goes off to grumble about ungrateful party members*...also next time the cleric has a choice of two actions 1. to save a party member/npc or 2. cast flamestrike on a monster...don't expect any help from me to let you know whether the party member is still breathing.

  2. Reggie Krayfish Says:

    Let's also not forget about the monk and his idea to go grapple a Naga.....I mean is this not the most ridiculous thing he has said he was going to do in recent time there will be no arguments from me....go wrestle the Naga just don't expect the rogue to come and help you afterwards....*laughs*

  3. barry Says:

    No, I still think drinking the black liquid in the evil mages hideout was even more ridiculous, but it's a close call.

  4. Elf Says:

    I dunno; drinking the black death liquid was at least a little bit helpful to the rest of the party. Grappling the Naga would probably only have been good for entertainment value.