When a Simple Fireball Just Isn't Enough

Continuing our adventure, our party was heading through a swamp, travelling in a boat. At a few points we had to get out of the boat and carry it up to 100 feet across a small patch of land so that we could continue our journey in the water on the other side. At one of these times, we were attacked by a monster, one which we had all ready encountered and scared off once. Our Mage decided to take care of things, and started to cast a Fireball.

Evidently, he had forgotten that during our trip we had occasionally seen small flames erupt from the marsh land around us, as marsh gases ignited, letting out a small 'pop' in the process. Letting loose a Fireball put us all in some danger of being in the middle of a huge explosion, as marsh gas from all around ignited. It would be our Mage's home-brew version of an Enhanced Fireball.

As fortune would have it, the Fireball didn't end up causing an area around us the size of a small town to be engulfed in a ball of flamy doom; we kept our eyebrows and beards, and the Mage kept his spell book from being thrown in to the swamp.

3 Responses to “When a Simple Fireball Just Isn't Enough”

  1. Elf Says:

    And I should point out that the Mage, when informed that he could cause a chain reaction with the marsh gases, excitedly asked, 'Ooh! What do I need to roll?!'

  2. marka Says:

    Just think of the XPs the Mage would have gained for incinerating the entire swamp!!! Lizard Men, Nagas, Rakshasas... all toast.

  3. Elf Says:

    The only problem being that he would probably only have got the XPs posthumously.