Easy Come, Easy Go

While exploring the enemy's lair, we found some interesting looking objects that we suspected were important to the enemy. With a bit more exploration we found an interesting door that had cavities for what we assumed were these objects. Until that point, we were all too cautious to meddle with the objects for fear of something bad happening to us, but it was inevitable that one of us would interact with them at some point.

And that's where I step in. Having found another of these objects, protected by light-beams all around it, I decided that it was time we found out if there really was any danger in picking them up for whatever reason. Sure, there was an inherent risk involved in getting my hand through the protective light-beams without piercing them, but I was confident I could do this safely.

I took some breaths, finding my inner calm, and started to slide my hand through the beams, taking care not to let any of them touch me. However, when the Mage shouted 'be careful!' from outside of the room my focus slipped slightly and a beam passed straight through my wrist! Luckily, it seemed to be a fake trap put there to deter anyone from trying to get the object, as the beam just passed through me without damage.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I reached in to grab the object, but my confidence was to be my downfall. Being sure of myself, I didn't notice in time the painful, tingling sensation caused as I tried to pick up a Sphere of Annihilation; the object was illusory. As fast as I could, I whipped back my hand, but my reflexes let me down, damn them. My hand retured, but my fingers were no more! Waah! All I had left was a cauterised stump of a palm.

Mind you, it could have been worse: at least I didn't have an artefact-level ring worth hundreds of thousands of gold pieces, and one of only two ever made, with the other one missing, on one of my fingers that was obliterated. Oh, wait; it was that finger. Arse.

One Response to “Easy Come, Easy Go”

  1. BlackMage Says:

    Don't try to FINGER me for your unfortunate mishap. Its not my fault that you didn't DIG IT until it was too late. I've got to HAND it to you though, you took it very well: Normally you'd try to WRING every last drop of sympathy from the situation. (yuk! yuk!)