He's Not Quite Dead Yet

Having nearly died once all ready this evening, the Mage laughs at fate right in the face again. Well, the player does, at least.

The Enlarged and Invisible Rogue fights a lone enemy mage, striking him once. The Rogue remains Invisible because of the Improved Invisibility cast on him, but the enemy mage is not stupid and realises that he is being hit by an invisible creature. As such, the enemy mage casts a spell but, without a way to deliver it at that time, backs off in to a corner. This provokes an Attack of Opportunity from the Rogue, who smites the enemy mage justly, killing him in the process. The DM then announces that the Rogue was lucky to hit him before the enemy mage got his Enervation spell off at him, as the four negative levels would have been tough to deal with.

'But isn't Enervation a ranged touch attack, not just a touch attack', asks the Mage player, 'and so it is a ray and should go off as soon as it is cast.'

The DM agrees that his memory of the spell was not as accurate as it could have been, and begins to roll the dice to see if the Rogue gets hit before the Attack of Opportunity takes place. It's a shame that the Mage player didn't get to see the result, as he was chased out of the room by the Rogue player who wished to 'thank' him for pointing out this helpful advice to the DM.

2 Responses to “He's Not Quite Dead Yet”

  1. marka Says:

    When your character is down to 3 hit points, toadying up to the DM is always worth a try. And it was worth it just to see the look on the Rogue Player's face :-)

  2. Reggie Krayfish Says:

    No worries, Mr Mage.....there's always plenty of time for revenge.....plenty of spell books to find and check for those
    nasty traps....also maybe I'll start putting some ranks in Use Magical Device and then start rolling for all that mage loot that only you normally get....how many wands do you think I could get hold of and try and use....*laughs*..so what if I burn a few charges practising...