What Did You See?

Walking through the graveyard marking the beginning of our quest I spy a patch of freshly-filled graves with makeshift headstones bearing the names of other adventurers. I also see that the final grave is empty. I look at the makeshift headstone to see if there is a name, and there is; I read my name, 'Dinendal'.

Wondering if there is magic at work here, trying to unnerve us before we even begin in earnest, I direct the Paladin's attention to what I have seen.

'What name do you read on the headstone of the empty grave?', I ask him, guessing at his answer all ready.

'I read 'Percival'', he replies, slightly taken aback.

'As do I. That is quite an omen.'

I suppose that means I am to blame for his hiding behind the Cleric in the first fight, minutes afterwards and still in sight of that empty grave.

3 Responses to “What Did You See?”

  1. Percival Says:

    You seek to impune my honour?! On the contrary, I was merely protecting the most vulnerable (and most valuable) member of the party. You'll soon be sucking up to her after that Black Skeleton has drained you of a few hit points/ability points/levels (delete as appropriate).

  2. The Black Skeleton Says:

    *evil laugh and looks at the Paladin*
    What makes you think you'll get away with any hit points or levels intact?

  3. The Black Skeleton Says:

    *looks at his name in the last comment*
    Damn..it sort of loses any evilness when you spell your own name wrong.....
    Oh well I'll just have to take it out on the Paladin and the Gnome mage thing