On Being a Paladin, Part the First

Our party is facing a Black Skeleton, a monster about which we have heard rumours and are unsure of its abilities and power. Unfortunately, two members of the party, myself included, get a-feared by the skeleton before we even get a chance to attack. The skeleton then climbs out of its coffin and stands next to the Mage, getting ready to attack.

The Paladin, standing ten feet away, weighs up his options. He calls out to the Mage, 'You can take a hit, can't you?'

2 Responses to “On Being a Paladin, Part the First”

  1. Bazza Says:

    Can you imagine what would have happened if our old paladin had said such a thing about his mage, not that he ever got within 50ft of an fight bit like the new paladin really.

  2. marka Says:

    Only two sessions played, and the Paladin has already coined his first catchphrase! Let's hope he lives long enough to use it again.