Watch Your Step!

The party has taken on this quest that is taking us in to the heart of a dungeon; one of legends, apparently. Being a party of some experience we know that there are likely to be more than the normal amount of traps and hazards in a dungeon such as this, and are trying our best to watch our every step.

We see a ladder or rope we have to climb, and we check it for strength before we use it. We check each and every door for traps, as well as any chest we come across. We see a suspicious-looking, short corridor that could ensnare each party member should a trap be triggered, so the Rogue checks every inch for traps. So far, we have not found, nor set off, a single trap, but our precautions do not feel misplaced.

We get to a short set of stairs leading down to another room, and the Rogue points out that we would best check each step for traps. The only problem was that we took a short break at that point, to sort out our backpacks or check our weapons, something like that, and by the time we had returned to the quest in hand the Rogue had forgotten that we were to check the stairs for traps. Of course, that was the surest sign that we were about to find our first trap, by stumbling in to it.

I'm just glad I made the resutling Fortitude Saving Throw.

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