An Unfair Comparison

I picked up a quest in Stormwind City that required me to head back to Northsire, where my adventures as a Warlock began. I made my way back there and felt a touch of nostalgia at seeing my old tutors, as well as pride at seeing the latest batch of recruits ready to dedicate themselves to the fight against the Horde. I felt a little out of place, being far more powerful than anyone else around, so I was on my best behaviour to give a good impression to the new blood.

While I was there, I wanted to see if there was a way to get up the mountainside, as I had seen what looked to be a camp at the top of it when flying over on a gryphon. As I was surveying the side of the mountains, looking for a way up, a young recruit came up to me. She seemed to be intrigued by my well-crafted clothes and perhaps interested by the few battle scars that I have picked up in my adventures. She greeted me and I greeted her back. Then I was taken by surprise: she offered to be my slave, to do whatever I bade, for a small price each week.

This was not what I expected from someone so young; nor indeed from someone with more experience. Nevertheless, however much I tried to turn her down politely this young woman was insistent. I had one last resort: being high-enough level I was able to summon a Succubus as a minion, so I did. The Succubus is a winged, female demon, wearing almost nothing, and carrying a whip. I pointed out that this Succubus was at my beck and call at all times, and so I did not really need a Human slave. The young woman in front of me said that she could not compete with that, and bade me farewell, leaving me alone.

I am not entirely sure what would have happened had I not been studying the dark arts and did not have access to a Succubus.

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