Too Much Port to 'Port

After another day of adventuring Grimbor and I found ourselves relaxing in the inn in Menethil Harbour, taking the opportunity to have a few drinks while we were there. Well, I was with a Dwarf, and I don't think I've ever seen a Dwarf in an inn without a drink in his hand. After a while we decided that it was best to call it a night and head back to Stormwind City to tidy up some loose ends and settle down for the evening.

With that in mind, Grimbor and I headed out of the inn with the intention of catching a gryphon back to Ironforge and the tram from there to Stormwind. However, Grimbor wasn't the best of flyers when sober (relatively speaking) and in his ever so slightly inebriated state decided that he didn't want to catch a gryphon, instead choosing to make use of his hearthstone to transport himself magically to the city. That was fine by me, so we said our good evenings and I watched as he teleported off.

I then took a few breaths of the harbour air, to clear my head before flying, and was just about to walk across to the gryphon master when I heard a familiar voice. Someone was muttering about not remembering this part of Stormwind and have they moved everything around since the previous day, sounding just like Grimbor. But it couldn't be, could it? I turned around to look, and who had just come out of the inn but indeed Grimbor!

I walked over to him, as he was looking around trying to get his bearings, and he looked back at me in surprise. 'How did ye ge' here so quickly?', he asked. I pointed out that I hadn't gone anywhere and that perhaps he had had just a little bit too much to drink this evening. 'Ach, get awa' wi' ye, ye wee monkey,' he said, 'I'm no' so drunk tha' I cannae recognise Stormind!' Well, perhaps not, but I think he was drunk enough to forget that perhaps he had accidentally agreed with Menethil Harbour's innkeeper to set his hearthstone location here the other day.

We both caught a gryphon home that evening, and I slipped the gryphon master an extra silver piece to strap Grimbor down tightly, just in case.

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