Right Bank, Wrong Branch

I was pootling around Stormwind City when someone asked on the trade channel where he could find Spider's Silk. After a couple of replies I decided that I probably could afford to offer some of the Spider's Silk I hold in the bank, for my tailoring patterns. I ask him how much he would like, and he tells me he just wants a couple, so we agree a price. He asks me where I am, so that we can conclude the deal, and I tell him that I am outside of the bank. Well, I was inside, but went outside to meet him. I waited for a short while, but he didn't turn up, and Stormwind isn't that big, so I tried to locate him.

He appeared to me to be in Burning Steppes, and he was only level 25! My keen intellect realised that he was probably flying over it on a gryphon. But even that didn't make sense, so I used a bit of deduction and asked if he was on his way to Ironforge. Yes, he replies, he is on his way to me. But, uh, I am in Stormwind, I tell him. He is confused, wondering how I was outside the bank when I wasn't in Ironforge. I then pointed out that I was standing outside the Stormwind bank; after all, he was chatting on the Stormwind trade channel.

He then realised the error of his ways and was apologetic, but it wasn't really a problem. I jumped on my horse, Bess, and went to the tram station in Stormwind to catch the Deeprun Tram to Ironforge. I got there just before him and we made the deal in the end. Besides, I'll take any excuse to visit the Auction House.

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