Guess the Ages!

Okay, it's time for a quick game: guess the relative ages of the players! But first, some background for the game. My main character, a Human Warlock called Faust, is an enchanter, which means I turn all the neat magical items I find in to dust so that I can make other magical items more powerful. There are some enchanters who sell their trade on the trade channels in cities, probably making a fair bit of money, but that seems like too much hanging around for me and a little cut-throat, as it is difficult to put a firm price on enchantments so that I never feel like I am giving a good deal. Hence, I tend to enchant my own equipment and those of my fellow adventurers, whether they are friends or in my guild. I also keep some spare items hanging around so that I can boost my enchanting skill, which then lets me learn more powerful enchantments from tutors.

I found myself today with lots of dust and a bit of time, so I decided to boost my enchanting skill up to a level where I could learn some neat new enchantments. I started enchanting the scrappy bracers I keep in the bank, until the enchantment I was giving them no longer helped boost my skill. I realised I could enchant cloaks to keep gaining ranks in the skill, and that the one I was wearing would be good to do that. But then I thought that perhaps it was a bit wasteful to keep overwriting the enchantment, and I may as well give it away to others, as it would have the same effect but help more people. So I found a couple of people who readily agreed to a free enchantment on their cloak, funnily enough, but then I got fed up with running around trying to find people who wanted this. I posted a quick message to the Trade channel advertising two freen +50 armour enchantments to a cloak.

And now it's time to play our game! The first chap who replied actually asked, 'I'm the first, right?' He then found me after I gave directions and by the time I had bade him welcome he had the trade window up with his cloak in it ready to be enchanted. I play on a role-playing server, by the way. (Earthen Ring, European server, if you're interested.) I enchanted his cloak, because I am not one to judge when giving away free stuff, and told him I hoped he would enjoy the enchantment. He bowed to me and ran off back to whatever he was doing before, after a quick 'thank you'.

The second chap contacted me and asked if the enchantment was available. When I told him it was and gave him directions he came to see me. We welcomed each other, and he bowed. I asked if he was after the enchantment, and he said he was. As he was a Hunter and had a pet wolf with him I said what a nice doggy he had, and patted it on the head. He thanked me for that and said he was proud of his pet. We then made the trade and he bowed again, thanking me for the enchantment. He also asked his wolf, Silver, to thank me as well, which I thought was nice. We bid each other farewell and went our separate ways.

Now it's over to you! Guess the ages, relative or otherwise, of the two players and win nothing!

One Response to “Guess the Ages!”

  1. cootewards Says:

    I say the first one was very old, much like our Paladin, as he obviously didn't want to waste any or thw short remaining time he has on the planet with small talk. As for the second no idea, ermmm 9, no wait 11. So I'm the first to reply, right?