Sitting on the Dock of Booty Bay

Sitting on the dock of Booty Bay, watching the ships come in and then go back out again, I was taking in the glorious sight of the sun setting over the sea. Just as the sun was reflecting off the water, I, too, was reflecting on things. It was then that I had a moment of inspiration, and had to put [Long Tail Feather] to [Silk Cloth]. With little thought of embarrassing myself in front of everyone, I shall reproduce my writing here:

I'll take you from the Ironforge's heat,
A flight, a ship, we'll land in Theramore,
And stride out to the heart of Kalimdor,
To battle back-to-back the Horde's elite.
Our path ahead, with no thought of retreat,
We'll fight to Thunder Bluff, waging a war,
To find the Tauren you want to adore,
But there, with you, I won't admit defeat.

For of that Tauren you'll find not a trace,
You'll see they're little more than savage beasts,
No grace, no wit, no comforting embrace,
All things an Elf like you deserves at least,
But from this quest you may find one reward,
The one who fought beside you, mind and sword.

One Response to “Sitting on the Dock of Booty Bay”

  1. Shallaya Says:

    My word, Faust. You are a skilled poet!

    I do wish you luck if this little ditty is intended to win the affections of the person I think it is.