Treasure Spittoon

Finding a room in the dungeon with nothing in it apart from a spittoon in the corner, the natural curiosity of some party members gets the better of them. It is quickly decided that the spittoon, full of a disgusting fluid that I don't really want to go in to detail about, should be checked to see if there is treasure hidden in it. It seems like a strange place to store anything to me, but there you go.

Our Rogue decides to empty it, by tipping it upside down to pour out the contents on the floor rather than the unpleasant alternative of sticking a hand in to it. As the foul, gooey liquid is poured out we're told that there is a glint of gold in amongst the liquid. After hearing this, the Rogue announces that he is emptying the spittoon in such a way that no other member of the party can see the contents. Somehow, the DM thought that it was a bit late to say this.

Ah well. He's clearly got the right instincts to be a Rogue, he just needs to work on his Reflexes.

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