Lawful What?

Our party spends a little time trying to find a way either to pass or, ideally, defeat the purple worm. We decide it would be best to defeat the worm, seeing as how this cavern looks to be the only way forwards, because it would clear our escape route should we need to leave in a hurry. Running past this monster's haunt whilst low on hit points and spells does not appeal to us, particularly if we are being chased by whatever drained us of hit points and spells in the first place.

The first part of the plan was on how to flush the worm out of wherever it was in the cavern, so that we could then attack it. Well, so that I could then attack it, albeit from the ceiling of the cavern, pelting it with arrows with the aid of a fly spell. What can I say, it was the best we could come up with. On how to get the worm's attention the Paladin came up with the idea of summoning his mount and getting that to tramp around heavily for a while.

Said the Paladin, 'The heavy tramping will get the attention of the purple worm, and when the worm attacks and picks up the mount I can dismiss it and we can start attacking the worm!'

'Um, wouldn't it be better to dismiss your steed before the worm attacks it?', just about everyone else asks the Lawful Good Paladin.

Still, that was just a small detail in an otherwise flawless plan.

4 Responses to “Lawful What?”

  1. The DM Says:

    Its a shame the Paladin wasn't so brave when he was sitting on the horse

  2. k@os Says:

    I loved playing a Paladin. I remember one quest we had to make our way into a valley to get information from a seer. Unfortunately the only pass into the valley was past a Green Dragon's lair. Going in we (well the OTHER players) were able to negotiate our passage through by bartering some of our horses to the Dragon for food. Guess he was too lazy to hunt. My Paladin chafed at this, but he was overruled. On the way out, the Dragon was sleeping, so they decided discretion to be the better part of valor and started to sneak past. I had had enough of that. Without consulting, or warning, the other players, I told the DM that my Paladin defiantly strides up to the lairs entrance, brandishes his sword, and calls out the dragon.

    They were not too happy about my idea.

    We got our asses handed to us. But, nobody died, and I got the death blow. Good times.

  3. Elf Says:

    The general pattern seems to be that Paladins are great fun to play if you're the one playing him, and a royal pain in the arse if you're not.

    I have thought about playing one, as it would be good to have the excuse that I was only doing what was right when I put the whole party in peril. I need an excuse for that a little too often, really.

  4. cootewards Says:

    I think you might find the "just about everyone else asks.." was in fact the rogue, but my mind's not what it was so maybe there was in fact more input on the plan from else where in the party.