Thrashing the Purple Worm

The Orcs that we fought didn't turn out to put up as much of a struggle as they might have, even though I failed my saving throw against Hold Person and was close to being hit with a coup de grace. The Cleric was able to dispell that from me, but before that the Mage stepped in to alleviate the Orc problem, with the help of a Fireball.

Now, the Orcs may not have been too much of a threat, but the Fireball attracted the attention of something that wasn't quite so harmless: a gargantuan purple worm. The only Orc surviving of the three fled from us after the Fireball hit, but when the purple worm turned up he froze in horror, only to be turned in to Orc paste in quick measure. We simply stood and stared at this behemoth monster, wondering what on earth we would do next. We all had our personal 'fight or flight' moment, with or without good reasons.

On seeing the worm, the Paladin feels brave and mighty, declaring that he is 'keen to get in and attack it!'

The Cleric, however, has a more level head, stating that we should, 'retreat and formulate some strategy that includes casting plenty of buff spells to aid us.' It is with those words that the Paladin realises that he doesn't have the full backing of his party and 'reluctantly' decides to withdraw with the rest of us.

Isn't it funny how the Paladin is only this brave when it's his turn to play the NPC Cleric.

One Response to “Thrashing the Purple Worm”

  1. The DM Says:

    Fireball......I laughed!!!
    Its sort of like a burgler switching all the lights on when he's burgling a house....
    knowing you're up stairs in bed...and that the lights may just be a give a way...