Paladin Power!

Attacking some trolls in the dungeon, careful not to get hit by both claws in the same attack, we are starting to deal some heavy damage as we become more organised with our tactics. The Paladin feels particularly envigored and spies a weak spot in the enemy's defences, striking at the critical spot. With a battle cry that would send shivers down the non-existant spine of a purple worm, the Paladin strikes! His sword slashes down, and hits the troll right in the vulnerable spot! Sadly, the troll barely notices what has happened, as it injured itself worse picking its nose.

Still, that's what happens when you roll double 1s on 2D8 for a critical hit.

Nevertheless, this just encouraged the Paladin to want to vanquish these monsters even more, probably so that they couldn't tell their friends how puny he was. With the Mage having failed to give us any information that we hadn't all ready known about trolls, we had yet to find out how to stop these foul creatures from regenerating the damage some of us were dealing. After the Mage had done some fire damage to one of these trolls we had a chance to see if the wounds caused by that were healing.

Well, maybe not 'we', as the Paladin's roll of a 1 on his Intelligence Check for this was barely enough to let him remember which end of his sword to hold.

3 Responses to “Paladin Power!”

  1. Percival Says:

    To add insult to injury, Elf was managing to roll high on all HIS damage dice. I'm sure he was doing it deliberately just to mock me; he's never normally that accurate.

  2. cootewards Says:

    As I recall didn't we have a bit of a run on 1's rolled?

  3. Elf Says:

    It's true, all of it. I have critically fumbled with my spiked chain twice now, although at different times, but managed to keep things straight this time.

    I was also smacking several shades out of the beasties, getting two maximum damage rolls, and a couple of good critical hits. Mind you, as the Paladin was SLEEPING during the battle I had to fight for the both of us. Plus, he probably would have only stabbed himself in the head if he tried hitting anything, with the skills he was showing.