Lawful What? Part Two

We defeated the trolls without further difficulty and continued to explore the dungeon, heading back to check out a room we hadn't yet explored. When we open the door to it we see a table with some torture instruments on it. Getting in to the room lets the Rogue and Paladin, the latter of whom seems remarkably alert, to hear sounds coming from down a corridor leading out of this room. The sounds are of someone being tortured, somone Human. The Rogue suggests that we ought to get to this fellow quickly, so that his suffering may end and his torturers punished for their crime.

'Let's not be hasty', replies the Lawful Good Paladin, 'They've obviously been tortured for some time; another couple of seconds won't matter.'

One Response to “Lawful What? Part Two”

  1. cootewards Says:

    Ahh... but wait perhaps the paladin somehow knew the truth of the situation. As unlikely as that may seem. Still at least I got to catch up on my sleep during the fight. Oh as well as find loads of treasure.