Absent Bravery

Our Rogue, when hearing that there may be a large monster in this room of cultists, sneaks in to the room, past the Obscuring Mist that we have cast, and tries to spot this beast. He spies something big and scary, a cross between a vulture and a human. However, with its keen senses it also hears him coming. The Vrock flies close to him and swings in the general area of our Rogue, getting one nasty hit in before the Rogue manages to get back out of the room. By this time I have decided that we are perhaps not as prepared as we ought to be for this fight and have ordered the retreat, for now. Unfortunately, it appears that the Vrock can teleport, which it does, past the Obscuring Mist and in to the corridor, hoping to cut off the Rogue, which it also does. Unfortunately, we now have the Rogue, Paladin and Mage in the corridor and with the Cleric and I in the dormitory, with the Vrock in-between.

The Mage, our Rogue's brother, is happy to see that the Rogue is brave enough to move forwards and hold off the oncoming cultists, who are starting to appear through the Mist, whilst the Paladin and I try to defeat the Vrock quickly. However, the Vrock teleports away again when it is in danger of dying, and the Rogue quickly finds himself surrounded by five cultists, with more behind them, Silence cast in the area, and a successful Hold Person cast on him making him helpless. He looks to be facing several coup de grace actions, albeit selflessly saving his brother in the process.

By the way, guess which player didn't turn up for this session?

4 Responses to “Absent Bravery”

  1. Hadara the cleric Says:

    "Ordered the retreat"? An interesting variation on "ran like a girl, forcing the others to attempt to abandon the attack."

  2. The Vrock Says:

    Peck, peck, peck, peck...*looks about and sees a lone Cleric standing right next to him*
    "hmmmm dinner"

  3. Elf Says:

    Well, I did order a retreat; whether I was running like a girl at the time is irrelevant, although I would prefer to call it a 'tactical withdrawal'. Besides, my tactical withdrawal meant that I was in a position to flank the teleporting Vrock with the Paladin, giving us a clear advantage.

  4. rogue Says: