R.I.P. Dinendal the Elf

It wasn't looking good. Bang, our Mage, had sent his brother to block the corridor on his own, as myself and the Paladin were trying to kill a Vrock. The Rogue then got surrounded by evil Clerics of Orcus, held by Hold Person, and set up for several Coup de Grace attacks. We then spent the next few seconds trying to ensure his survival, by blinding some of the Clerics with the Paladin's shield and the Mage sending his weasel in to cast invisibility on his brother. Spending these seconds looking after one meant neglecting the rest of us to some extent, but our sense of duty meant we had no other choice. It looked like poor old Fizz was a goner.

Who could have forseen that the Clerics standing outside of their silenced area would Hold me too, and then, just as I am shrugging off the effects of the Hold Person, mere seconds after being affected by two of those spells, a Cleric minion steps forwards and delivers a Coup de Grace of my very own. And even though a mace does not do much damage, even on a critical hit, the shock to my system was too much. I fell, the life force drained from me.

I was not around to see our Rogue take two Coup de Grace attacks and shrug off the damage and the shock, still standing, albeit still Held, until the third Coup de Grace killed him. Mind you, as he was still invisible during this time I wouldn't have seen much. I would only have seen brave Sir Paladin turning tail to run, although, to his credit, he stopped to pick up our own Cleric's slumped and bleeding body. Maybe that's enough to keep his Paladin abilities.

It looks like the Paladin, Mage and Cleric will be spending a fair bit of time trying to find some way to pay for the resurrection of myself and Fizz.

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