Lenwë the Elven Monk

With the Half-Orc Fighter Grot Krayfish, Elrohir the Wild Elf Ninja, Gimp Stormglass, a Deep Halfling Conjurer, and Human Cleric Shaniqa Arisa is Lenwë Telemnar, an Elven Monk. Realising that most non-Elves, including the rather savage and uncultured Wild Elves, cannot get the inflections of the Elven tongue correct he is content to be known as 'Lenny' most of the time.

Lenwë is practiced with all forms of unarmed combat, although he sees his body as a temple of peace and solitude than a weapon. He is also a master of the quarterstaff, using it to disarm his opponents. The intention is to remove any threat so that a more peaceful solution can be found. Where this cannot be achieved, a more final solution is exacted, one that removes the threat from Lenwë once and for all.

Having got to know the rest of his colleagues through one association or another, Lenwë is happy to continue travelling with them, letting life lead him on to adventure and reflection.

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